About Us

Since 1986 The U.S. Veterans Network has been there to help our local veterans and their families active, reserve, and retired.

We help veterans in many different ways - by donating to the many veterans groups and also by providing many veterans a way to earn their living by selling our flags, flagpoles, and advertisements for our newspaper The Veterans Gazette.

We also provide direct support to our military personnel who are currently deployed overseas through letters of encouragement, care packages, and other necessities that will remind our troops of how much they are supported and loved. We remind them of our great appreciation for their contribution to each and every one of us on the home front.

We are contacted on a daily basis from groups and organizations seeking funds or product donations for their cause, and although we cannot help all of them - we do what we can!

A good portion of all flag sales generated from our website goes directly to the American Legion to help fund their many worthwhile community projects.

Some of the other groups and organizations we donate to are:




Salvation Army

Boy Scouts Of America

Cub Scouts


The Hugs Project

Pocket Flags

Wounded Warriors Project

Patriot Riders

Lions Club